Biography – George Lang

George Lang


During his 22 years in network news, George survived helicopter crashes, the civil war in Rwanda, and telling a U.S. President what not to do in front of the camera. He’s had a hand in every facet of broadcasting, advertising and public relations, with employers from ABC News to Foote, Cone & Belding.
George’s experience goes back to an early fascination with electronics, a technology expertise he continues to indulge. Yet nothing excited him more than the challenge of starting his own company, which he named The Big Picture.

“When you have a history in technology, marketing, PR and live news, you get an education in people, politics and life experience that can’t be beat,” says George. “In the end, it’s still about relationships. I’m proud to have kept original clients for 15 years. And no matter what size the job, our goal is the same. We’re going to make the client a hero."