Marketing Videos

Into the Land of Lakes

Land O' Lakes  has brought us in to produce a number of corporate messaging videos for their annual meeting. The project has taken Producer, Neil Alford, and DP Mark Ritchie to Central Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis over the last few months....

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19 November

Making of The Big Picture Greeting Card

Since so many of you asked, we decided to unveil the secrets to the creation of our Big Picture Holiday Video! Chris Roy, our in house editor, provides a  step by step tutorial on how our holiday video came to life. Some of the details may suprise...

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30 December

Sansa Fuze Lifestyle Video

The Big Picture recently created a lifestyle video for the Sandisk Sansa Fuze.  Click the image below to view the final video on SanDisk's website: SynthEyes SFX motion tracking software was used to overlay the layers in several of the shots, such as the one below.  We...

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12 October

DemandTec Retail Challenge

DemandTec is an analytical software tool that allows retailers to stay up to date on, and modify, their pricing structure using real time data. As part of their corporate citizenship program they have created the DemandTec Retail Challenge, which allows high school students the opportunity...

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29 September